when you see your ex on the street for the first time after he got outta jail after you anonymously callt the cops telling them he the mid man

Photographer Dillon Marsh has photographed a number of mines in South Africa and digitally added computer-generated visualisation of the amount of copper extracted there

fuck no. i want to die.

The spider catches the bee and the bee stings the spider. Both are dead, with the bee’s stinger still in the spider.  This is a great example showing why honey bees die after stinging something only once. Their stinger/venom sac are attached to other organs inside the bee, so when the stinger’s barbs lodge into something, everything gets pulled out, potentially including gut, etc and leaving a gaping hole in the bees abdomen. (From Here) 

Nils Udo - 27, 1999

Poppies taking over a field in Poland